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Sell your story

Would you like to see your true life story in a national newspaper or woman’s magazine – and receive a substantial payment for doing so?

Or perhaps there’s a scandal you want to expose?

Or a story you think needs to be brought into the national arena?

If so, please send me a short summary of your story or expose and email it to me at along with a contact number.

Just give me the basic outline of your story – and don’t worry about spelling or grammar - it’s just so I can get an idea of what your story is about.

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Britains biggest baby girl
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Britains biggest baby girl
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Britains biggest baby girl
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Getting HIV saved my life
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Have you got a story causing a stir?

If, however, you have a story which has already caused a stir and you have had lots of interest from newspapers, magazines, agencies, and freelancers, all asking you for an exclusive interview and offering to pay you for your story, I can act as your ‘agent’ and negotiate the best deals for you with both the newspapers and the women’s magazines.

For example, one woman, who had a true life story which everyone wanted exclusively, agreed to allow me to act as her sole agent.

As a result – after contacting all the commissioning editors on all the newspapers and magazines in the UK - I secured exclusive deals with The Sun (first newspaper rights), the Daily Mail (second newspaper rights), TakeaBreak (first magazine rights) and Reveal (second magazine rights).

The woman was then asked to go on This Morning, for which she received another payment, but more importantly for her, she was able to get her message out to a large audience and received some great feedback from those who watched the programme.

I also syndicated the article to foreign publications.

The woman was paid a separate fee for each publication/ appearance she made, which ended up being quite substantial. She was also able to use the publicity as a vehicle for her inspirational message of hope against the odds.

Publicity for your website, charity or campaign

For some people, however, it could be a business they want to promote, or a website, charity, or campaign they want to publicize.

On the other hand some people just want to be in one particular publication, and if that is the case, then I will approach the newspaper or magazine of their choice and negotiate a deal on their behalf.

Apart from securing the best possible financial deal for your story - with as many publications as possible - I also carry out the interview, write up the story, and read back copy to make sure that you are happy with what I have written and that everything is accurate.

Please feel free to email me any further questions you may have.

I look forward to hearing from you!